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Teak Furniture–Get Off The Outdoor Furniture Merry-go-round!!

By Jennifer Akre

When you go shopping for chairs, tables, and other forms of outdoor furniture, you may very well come across some beautiful deck or patio furniture made out of teak that produces a mild to moderate sticker shock. This is perfectly natural but like anything else in life–you get what you pay for more often than not. When it comes to elegant teak furniture, try for a moment to imagine what you would be paying for if you were to buy a set of deck or patio furniture made from this densely grained and weather-resistant wood.

Peace of Mind–None of us wants to spend money for something that is not going to last and this is not a problem where teak deck furniture and accessories are concerned. For centuries, teakwood has been used in the construction of boats. In particular, the flooring, rails, and decks on major shipping vessels were made from teak wood from the early 1800’s onward–ever since the Dutch first started their first teak wood farm on the island of Java in 1816.

Elegant teak furniture is resistant to the elements and will not warp, split, buckle, or rot for many years to come. It is a fact that many of the park benches in England were constructed out of the recycled decks of ships once they were retired from the sea–many of these same benches can still be found in use today! Thus, you don’t have to worry about dragging the chairs, loungers, and other accessories from your deck furniture set in and out of the garage at the end of each season.

So, if you can leave your elegant teak furniture outside year round without worrying about rotting, warping, or damage of any kind–what is that worth to you? How much time do you spend right now simply going through this routine with your current deck furniture? How often do you need to replace sets of patio furniture currently because of damage from the elements? What if you could get off that endless merry-go-round and just buy a set of refined and durable teak furniture and just be able to sit back and relax without any worries? This peace of mind is priceless and when you remember that a set of teak deck furniture is the last set you will ever need to buy–well, that sticker shock goes away quickly and you realize that the price is actually a bargain!

About the Author: Jennifer Akre, owner of numerous teak bench and teak patio furniture websites, makes it easy to find fabulous Teak Furniture and Teak Patio Furniture collections.\ A symbol of style and prestige. These are a few reasons teak patio furniture is the ideal choice for outdoor furniture and remains a sound investment. You deserve it - Endulge Yourself: More Than

Tue Jan 27 2015

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